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When I was younger it was common to have after-school jobs...

Case in point: When I was younger it was common to have after-school jobs. I remember mowing lawns at the age of 9 to earn pocket cash. This involved riding my bicycle to town the local town that was a couple miles away. Sure this was in the country, and a different age (or so we are led to believe), but have times really change that much?

In my own case, in Spain it would be unheard of to have my children working. You really only see this now in some of the small shops usually ran by Chinese immigrants - and who are flouting the law.

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I suspect this is the same as in the States.

And I wonder if by not letting our children have small jobs (I'm not talking about chores around the house) if we are not creating a future society that expects everything to be handed to them on a platter.

What got me thinking about all this, is perhaps a bit shocking.

My wife just got back from a few weeks in Peru. Upon her return she handed all our children a small present consisting of very professionally made and wrapped, delicious chocolates with nuts.

I was impressed, not only by the quality of the sweets, but also by the care that went into each chocolate, it's wrapping and then all carefully gathered into a small box. You could tell there was a lot of attention put into the final package, and it was done as a gift from one cousin to her long-away cousins in Spain.

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