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When 9/11 happened, I drove up to see how I could help. I couldn't...

When 9/11 happened, I drove up to see how I could help. I couldn't get close enough to really help, but my heart still goes out to everyone affected.

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Today, I'm doing my small part for the remembrance of 9/11. Cantor Fitzgerald was the hardest hit company on September 11, 2001, losing two thirds (658) of it's employees. Today is Charity Day, originally conceived as a way to raise money for the Cantor Relief Fund for the families of those who we're lost.

Now every year, 100% of the revenues (not profits) are distributed to dozens of charities worldwide. I'll be a celebrity broker today to help raise money by conducting real trades with their clients (major banks and investment banks) alongside a licensed broker. This money will go to my selected charity Joe Frazier Foundation. Where I can help kids that need help and support like I did growing up.

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