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Citizens Police Academy Journal - Day 1

Hello Neighbors,

James Lombardi and I applied for and we're accepted into the Tampa Police Department's Citizen's Police Academy in September. So, over the next 8 weeks.... James and I will be updating everyone on our experience at the police academy in the form of this web journal so stay tuned for updates!

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Day 1 6:00 pm: We started off the academy by attending a roll call meeting at the District 2 office down off 30th street and Busch Boulevard. This is the main office for the officers that patrol New Tampa. We we're greeted by the assistant chief of police and all of the various "brass" from the other 2 Districts in Tampa. They had some great finger foods for us along with various liquid refreshments...Coke products mainly! 🙂 C'mon... you know you we're curious!

After the introductions we we're able to experience a traditional Police Roll Call where they go over the assignments for the day and the alerts and crime info that needs to be given out to the officers about to go on patrol. We we're able to socialize with some officers, ask questions, and just hang out for a while before everyone headed off to duty. It was a great time to see how everything happens before a shift.

After the roll call, we got some insight into how the Major's review crime details on a DAILY basis with the other Major's from around Tampa to look for patterns and target specific crimes to fight. It was truly amazing the analysis that goes into these daily reports which are pulled from a crime "data warehouse" and are on the desks of the Major's every morning. It was also fascinating to see how this data can be used to stop crimes from happening as patterns are identified and officers dispatched to control those crimes.

Then we talked a little about how the department was organized and the amazing re-organization that took place over the last few years to reduce Tampa's crime rate. It blew my mind how the crime rate has DROPPED as the department has re-organized to concentrate on more targeted areas of the City. We are talking double digit reductions in crime here folks! Very exciting stuff to crime fighting geeks like James and I! 🙂

After that we got to go outside and check out TPD's armored personnel carrier (APC) which gets used for S.W.A.T. activities as well as rescue efforts. This machine was amazing and is literally one of a kind as far as Police use goes. TPD is very proud of it's personnel and equipment and as a tax payer, I am also very proud.We made it home around 9:30 pm to close out the day and we thanked our wives for letting us stay out late on a school night! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from the APC demonstration... hope you enjoy! Remember, you can click on a picture to see it larger. Keep an eye on your email for weekly updates with pictures!

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