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Being the Busiest On Break


So now that college is let out and I'm back home, I'm finally able to do everything I've been dying to do: read and write and making money through side work(part-time restaurant grunt). I don't give a shit about the side work in itself because it consists of flipping burgers, wiping tables, smiling at customers, and making a mess out of everything behind the scenes (we like to throw down). But, cash rules everything around me (dolla dolla bill y'all). Cool, enough of that. I want to discuss my favorite subject.Making Shit Happen.

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I was excited to get back home, I was pumped to finally have full control of my days with almost no commitments; just me, my books, and my keyboards. I got back home on Saturday and I decided that I deserved to sleep in because of all of the hard work I've put into school and my hobbies the past couple weeks so I did not bother to set an alarm. I wake up andholy shit I slept for thirteen hours. But a few more days of that and I was good. It was all for a good cause, I've been going 3-6 hours of sleep each night the two weeks before that and a nice recharge and flushing of brain toxins served me well.

Okay, useless leading story?check. I love hustling. I know it's been a good day when I'm drained of all energy and creativity while lying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. I live for coffee. While some people are excited for the break because they get to do nothing and relax, watch some movies, finally get some time to themselves (yes, because memorization and paper-writing isarduous), I am already setting up milestones for my writing and financial gain. Setting up a reading schedule of what I want to know before the break is out. Making sure my short stories are done on time and my novella has begin. And this blog is up and running and on a schedule so I don't have to think about it during the semester it'll just get done. I am up between six and seven and not in bed until midnight or one. I am busy. I have things I want to accomplish. I'm not trying to get left behind when the top percent of my generation begins to succeed and create fortunes for themselves. The sooner I start to become the master of my own life the sooner I will become the master of more than myself. There is a rule, you get what you deserve, if no work was put into it, what the hell did you deserve?

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