How Often Should You Update Your Resume?

It’s a common misconception that you only need to update your resume when you’re actively searching for a new job. On the contrary, if you’re waiting until you’re ready to leave your position to start working on your resume, you’re already behind the curve (but we can help you there).


Even if you’re not looking for something new, you should be updating your resume several times a year. Lisa Dickter, of the Career and Professional Development Center at Carnegie Mellon, says “whenever you have something to add, do it as soon as possible. The point of a resume is citing your accomplishments and giving the specifics: what you did, and how you did it.”


Why update frequently?

While you should definitely take the time to update your resume whenever you start a new role, you should also be updating it every time you learn a new skill or achieve a new accomplishment. So, why should you update your resume if you’re happily employed? It serves a few purposes:

  • It’s difficult to remember every accomplishment, especially the further back they are. By continuously updating your resume, you won’t forget any details.
  • It keeps you relevant. By adding new skills and achievements to your resume and LinkedIn profile, you’ll attract prospective employers and recruiters.
  • In the event of an unexpected job loss, you can begin your job search immediately.


Other times you should update your resume include when information becomes out of date. This could be anything from a change of email to a completion of a degree or removing earlier jobs and education (like your high school). Resumes have limited real estate, so you want to ensure every point is relevant and accurate.


Promotion ammunition

Tallying your accomplishments can also serve as excellent ammunition for your next raise or promotion discussion. Having examples of your myriad achievements and skills, allows you to better negotiate and sell yourself for internal opportunities.


If you need help updating your resume or being guided through the world of interviews, book some time with us.



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